Senior Partner, Macro-Advisory Ltd.

Christopher Weafer has worked in Russia and the Eurasia region for nineteen years. He co-founded Macro-Advisory Ltd in late 2013 and prior to that he held the position of Chief Strategist at Sberbank-CIB, the biggest bank in the CIS-Eurasia region.

Prior to coming to Russia Chris worked as Head of Research for NatWest Markets in Bangkok, Thailand, during the Asian financial crisis of 1997/'98. Before that he was Senior Investment Manager at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, one of the world's largest sovereign wealth funds, based in Abu Dhabi City. He has accumulated over thirty five years’ experience in emerging markets.

Chris is the author of a wide variety of published reports and articles about Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia, Iran and macro oil trends. He is also widely quoted in the international financial press and appears regularly on BBC, CNN International, CNBC and Bloomberg on these and related subjects.

Top down environment as it impacts on mineral extraction projects

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