Vice-Minister, Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry of Mongolia

Professional Education:

1975 – Primary School Education, Umnugobi province
1980 – Mining engineer markscheider, Polytechnics University of city Irkutsk, Russian Federation
1993 – Business Management, Economics University of Colorado Boulder, USA
1999 – Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Sciences, Mining University of Moscow, Russian Federation
2003 – Doctor of Science in Technical Sciences, Mining University of Moscow, Russian Federation


1980-1987 Officer, Head of Mining Division, Ministry of Geology and Mining, General Engineer of Mining sector
1988-1989 Officer, Ministry of Energy, Geology, Mining and Heavy Industry, General Engineer of Mining sector; Head of Division, Joint Venture Mining company
1989-1993 First Deputy Director, Mongolian-Russian Joint Venture “Bor-Undur” LLC
1989-1991 Head of Executive Administration, People’s Great Khural, Khentii province
1994-2006 General Director, Mongolian - Russian Joint Venture Mongolrostsvetmet LLC
2006-2007 Head of Geology, Mining and Heavy Industry Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade
2008-2012 Parliament Member
2013 President, Mongolian Mining Chamber, Mongolian Fluoride Association
2013 Vice President, Business Council for Cooperation with PRC
2015 Project leader-Director, Copper smelter and Refinery plant project unit, Ministry of Industry
2016-Present Vice-Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry

Keynote: Mongolian Mining Sector, Government policy in Mining Sector