Mining Industry Specialist, Satellite Applications, Catapult

After completing studies in the UK (Swansea and Imperial College) and USA (University of Pennsylvania) Tony enjoyed working across the material supply chain, from mine to recycling, for more than 25 years. Six years experience on mines and smelters in Africa provided real hands-on experience that was then used in the design and deployment and operation of a wide range of material processing plants in more than 35 countries. Since 2006 Tony has worked on the optimization of material supply chains through innovation activities, initially through the Universities of Birmingham and Oxford. Tony coordinates the development of the £16 million ‘Security of Supply of Mineral Resources” R&D programme supported by UK and Brazilian Government funding (NERC, FAPESP & EPSRC). Tony uses his broad experience of the mineral & metals industry to promote a wider understanding of the need for the sustainable management of materials.

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